Hello! I am a UI designer with a passion for designing with inclusivity in mind.

I believe that while design is subjective that all design decisions should come from data and research. I have an eye for detail and double checking, and I achieve results with accuracy and precision.

I excel in writing as well. My undergrad degree in English gave me an advanced understanding in how to communicate on page.

Case Studies

Breathe Easy

People who suffer from mental health problems want to travel, but find some of the processes of travel taxing. The challenge was designing an app that would ease multiple symptoms for multiple mental health problems.

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Most people worry about their safety but do not have a plan in place for an emergency. The challenge was designing an app that created a safety plan & offered solutions to diffuse a potential emergency.

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Sustainable Water Group

The Sustainable Water Group is creating a sustainable water source. The challenge is build an online presence so that potential investors & end users will reach out for more info.

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Need some Digital branding?

I do that too!

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